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Landscaping services Bury Manchester is an award winning garden transformation and modern driveways specialist

Bespoke Landscapes offers a range of landscaping services using the highest quality materials. Our commitment to offering a very personalised service means that we work closely with you to ensure all your wishes are fulfilled.

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The quality of our work is assessed on a regular basis

Bespoke Landscapes is part of the Marshall's registered contractor scheme which means the quality of our work is assessed on a regular basis. We are fully insured for all work we carry out and are able to provide our public liability certificate on request. Images shown above are provided by Marshalls who owns intelectual property rights.

Bespoke Landscapes is 2014 award winning specialist

As part of the service we offer a comprehensive driveway design service using the 'Marshall's Driveway Visualiser Programme' which is exclusive to Marshall's registered contractors. Upon first contact you will be talking to the people who will carry out the job which ensures a quality finish whether it be driveways, fencing or the installation of artificial grass surfaces.

The projects completed by Bespoke Landscapes

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  • This is the second time we have used Gordon Hamilton and Bespoke Landscapes. The first time Gordon did some work in our back garden and we decided to put artificial grass as we had some problems with roots and water drainage. Now we have beautiful back garden and it takes only 20 minutes for garden to dry so girls can play out. This time we gave Gordon quite a short notice as we were having some guests in the house and it was quite close to Christmas. Gordon organised everything like clockwork. Driveway was completed within two days and the guys were brilliant and kept everything tidy. However kids are disappointed they can't jump on the broken flags and splash each other anymore.

    Gordan Bosnjak
    Pronto MultiMedia
Some of the images on this and other pages are provided by Marshalls who owns intelectual property rights. Images show projects completed using Marshalls materials but not necessarily completed by Bespoke Landscapes LTD. All materials shown on these pages are available with Marshalls through Bespoke Landscapes LTD as an registered contractor. Some of the images show projects fully completed by Bespoke Landscapes LTD.